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How to Jumpstart Your Car Without Jumper Cables

So, you have an appointment that you can't miss in 25 minutes and the fastest way to get there is by driving, because the nearest bus stop Is a 10 minute walk away, so you jump into your car almost happy with yourself and then you turn your engine over but it just won't start because you left the cabin lights on and your battery is now drained. What to do?

If you have yourself a car with the standard manual transmission system, then you can get that baby running in no time.

Here’s what you need to do to get going; if you’re at the top of a slope and the downhill road stretch is clear, fully press down on the clutch and put the car in the first gear keep your foot on the brake till you are ready. when you're ready to go, turn the ignition to on and take your foot off the brake, letting your car roll down the Hill, remember to keep your clutch fully depressed while you're at it. When the speed gets to about 5 mph, release the clutch quickly, the engine should turn and start, if not press down the clutch and release it again as you did before and you should be all good.

If you don’t have a hill you can coast down on, you could get a neighbor or two, or a passersby, or your buddies to help give the car a good push while trying the above steps.

Do not forget to get your battery checked should the situation happen again, it may be that you have a dead battery that can no longer hold a charge and would need replacing, but it could be another fault entirely.

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